Bertrand Dsouza
Man Behind the Blog

One of the most passionate and enthusiastic author at Gadget247news, Bertrand has been inquisitive about automobiles since childhood thus when the opportunity came calling he joined our team without any hesitation. Other than being an author at Gadget247news, Bertrand is also an automobile journalist and a crafty entrepreneur.

Shantonil Nag

Shantonil just loves connecting with fellow automobile lovers, he came across our blog and could not resist thus we boarded his as a freelance news reporter and author for Gadget247news. Throughout his career so far, Shantonil has been working diligently in the automobile space, which is how he gets some incredibly valuable news for our readers.

Keith Naughton

Mr. Keith Naughton is arguably the most experienced automobile news reporter and author we have in our team. As seen in his LinkedIn bio he has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Political science from Central Michigan University, he is also a former Midwest Bureau Chief at Newsweek. Currently a News Reporter for Bloomberg we are extremely thrilled to have him on our team as a freelance writer at Gadget247news.

Ayushmann Chawla

Onboarding an author from one of the biggest Indian media outlet from India was honestly a no brainer. Mr Ayushmann gets us the latest news from the Asian automobile sector and churns them into brilliant articles for our readers to enjoy.

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